Improving the reliability and usability of KStars

The goal of my GSOC project to continue the improvements over the codebase what was started previous year. Improving the reliability and bring modern C++ features. I have the following goals for the first period to make KStars better:

- Fix additional findings by the tools developed previous year.
- Refactor codes to modern C++11/C++14 what I get in touch while fixing bugs.

I fixed all finding by several static code analyzers like Coverity, Clang Static Analyser, Clang Tidy, Clazy, Krazy and cppcheck. I kept refactoring the include files with nullptr, #pragma once guard and in-class initalization of variables.

There will be significant improvements in the Android build process of KStars Lite by removing multiple hacks left from previous year and using the latest Android NDK/SDK versions.

My mentor: Jasem Mutlaq


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