The achievements during the second GSoC period in KStars

In this month, I have been working on fixing bugs found by static code analyzers in KStars. All of the tools are open-source or they can be used for free by open-source projects:

- cppcheck: C++ source code analyzer.
- ClazyQt-oriented static code analyzer by KDE for C++ based on Clang.
Clang Static Analyzer: Clang Static Analyzer is a Clang-based static code analyzer for C++.
- Krazy: Code analyzer by KDE.
- CoverityCoverity is a commercial C++ static code analyzer from Synopsys, but it is free for open-source projects.

If you want to give these analyzers a try, you can pick the build scripts from the tools directory of KStars Git repository and try in your project following our wiki page on the bottom.

Meanwhile I keep fixing memory handling bugs what I find when I test KStars built with runtime sanitizers and adding C++ smart pointers to certain places to make pointer-handling more safe. I also try to minimize the unnecessary includes over the codebase to cut the build time although sometimes I break the Jenkins CI build for FreeBSD or some other esoteric platforms. Ops. :) But I fix those problems as soon as possible.

More details are on our wiki page:


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