Modernizing KStars codebase during GSOC

KStars has a long history and many developers touched the >136000 lines of C++ codes. The goal of my GSOC project to do a major overall improvement and bring the modern C++ features to improve the stability as well as fix the memory handling errors. I have the following goals in June to make KStars better:

May 30th to June 26th:

 ● Add ccache support
 ● Add hardening support to the CMake build system (improve security)
 ● Add Clang specific improvements to the CMake build system
 ● Add Clang sanitizers to the CMake build system
 ● Run the KStars application with the sanitizers enabled and fix all memory error found by these tools
 ● Add Unity build to the CMake build system to cut the build time
 ● Refactor codes to modern C++11/C++14 what I get in touch while fixing bugs.
 ● Add documentation about the improvements and the sanitizers to the wiki pages.

My mentor: Jasem Mutlaq


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